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Kaz Willmer, editor of BoardStylist.com, gives you the winter lo-down in 60 seconds

Winter is truly upon us, and friends are updating daily statuses with news of their swift departures to currently snowy destinations. The British pro’s are out there already, proving themselves up alongside the top in the early-season competitions, while the rest of us are still at our desks snowcrastinating – our term for wasting time, dreaming about snow.


For those who visited the Earl’s Court snow show last month or the Relentless Freeze Festival in Battersea, you’ll already be immersed in the fact that winter is upon us, and getting ready to promise Santa that you’ve been a good enough boy/girl to get that brand new Bataleon you’ve been waiting for all summer.

It makes it harder to be ‘working’ for snowboarding websites – trawling through the hundreds of offers out there this winter, looking for things which you will obviously need to get the most out of the season. So what’s the BoardStylist pick of the crop this season?


For the girls snowboards, it’s a close call between the Bataleon FeelBetter and the Salomon Oh Yeah. For the boys, it’s the K2 WWW or the DC Ply. Girls and boys both need to get involved with Ride bindings – try the contras and you’ll never turn back – and Bern lids, for slick, good-looking safety in the domes and on the mountains.

We also love the Nike Vapen boots, and every male or female we’ve come across with them on their feet are converted – they’re light, comfortable… and contain bits of the moon, or something!

Now you’re kitted out, it’s time to catch some snow and the only way to get you riding like the pros, is to ridewith the pros.

If you want your winter legs back or can’t get away for a while, then Grounded Freestyle Courses offer 3-hour, 1-day or 2-day courses at Hemel Snow Centre which get everyone riding better in a day – fact. For week-long camps then Animal Snow Camps will get you shredding with Dom Harrington, Johno Verity and Kate Foster in some immense European locations.

If you’ve got more time on your hands then head to Big White with the lovely lads from NothinButSnow, who offer immense 4-week, 10-week and 11-week winter training camps to get you your instructor’s certificates in the world’s most powdery destinations, for less money and less hassle than other companies.

For more information on how to prepare for winter – whether it’s snowboarding buyer’s guides to the latest equipment, idiot’s guides on latest tech, or what to wear on the slopes, then visit us at BoardStylist.com. We answer all questions sent our way, and if you’re lucky enough we’ll turn your query into a feature. See you in the snow!

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