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Traveling America’s Highways and Backcountry Roads on Motorcycles and Helmets

There is this certain uniqueness to motorcycle riders incomparable to car owners. There is that sense of rush when you go ballistic on two wheels and your only protection is the thick leather jacket hugging your body, your knee pads and elbow pads, your gloves, and motorcycle helmets that can actually serve a variety of functions.

When traveling on the open highways or even on back-country roads, it is very important to always think of safety. That is why many motorcycle riders always prefer to ride in a group. As they say, there is safety and security in numbers. Like a pack of wolves, everyone in the group literally looks out for one another. This is one of the key elements to safe motorcycle travel and one which is rarely seen in car owners.

A great majority of these motorcycle touring groups have a uniform code from the jacket to the gloves to the choice of helmets. Some tightly-knit motorcycle groups have custom motorcycle helmets that only members of their group can wear. These helmets can serve as a trademark for such groups. It is an elite circle and membership is often difficult.

If you do decide to travel solo, it does pay to choose a motorcycle helmet that befits the purpose of your travel as well as the type of motorcycle you are riding. If you plan on conquering mountain and desert trails where you will be dodging rocks and boulders as well as kicking dirt, then you will need a dual sport type of motorcycle helmet. Now, if you are going to travel at high speeds on the paved roads of the country, then getting a full face motorcycle helmet or even a modular helmet will be an excellent idea.

Highway, road, sunset.
Highway, road, sunset.

If you are going to travel across highways and city streets at a more laid back approach, just cruising steadily at a pace significantly slower than a full MotoGP motorcycle, then you can get a half face or even an open face helmet. These motorcycle helmets provide you with a more pleasant traveling experience by making sure that you can feel the air rushing in front of your face. For a more worry-free, laid-back, travelling on a motorcycle, you simply have to get these types of helmets.

Now that you have chosen your helmet, you can then go on enjoying the rest of your travel. Again, this is largely dependent on what you want to accomplish. If your travel requires you to be at your destination in the shortest time possible, then you really need to go for speed and as such you won’t be enjoying much of the scenery. But if you’re not in a hurry, taking on a leisurely ride towards your destination will allow you to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery. Custom motorcycle helmets can help you in this aspect.

Making the most out of your travel actually depends on the purpose of your activity. And this is where the essence of motorcycle riding really is.

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